Red Frazier Bison has had a fantastic experience since hiring Monster Digital Marketing! We had a very basic website with minimal content and web presence when we approached them for help. The initial site build was all handled by Monster, and we could tell they had done an enormous amount of research with the content. They also did a great job with the visuals of the site including everything from pictures chosen to color schemes and fonts. There was a stark difference in having a professional website built versus what we were able to do on our own.

Once the new website went live, we had an immediate increase in contact from the public. This was due to all the work Monster had done on the “back end” of the site to increase our web presence. We felt an immediate impact in our access to the public. When they tell you what words and phrases need to be included……listen, they know what they are talking about.

We recently received a pretty amazing opportunity, that we are convinced was in large part due to our website. We were selected amongst a list of vendors to be filmed for an episode of a TV show that airs on the Travel Channel. After receiving the list of potential candidates, the first thing they did was go to the internet. Our website tells our story and shares our goals. The professional quality of the site sends the message that we take pride in our business. They specifically mentioned that we stood out amongst the other vendors with our website, and Monster Digital Marketing deserves all the credit!

In addition to knowing the ins and outs of their industry and staying on top of the latest formulas for SEO success, we have also been extremely impressed with their customer service. Any time we have had to make changes or convey new information on the website, Monster has been easy to access and the changes have been made very timely. We are very grateful for having a partner like Monster Digital Marketing to help us grow and sustain our business! A big THANK YOU to Cynthia and her team!