About Monster Digital Marketing

Welcome to Monster Digital Marketing where we offer Digital Marketing Solutions for small businesses. We specialize in Website Design  and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We build websites or optimize existing websites. Although  based in Bloomington, Indiana, we can help any small business regardless of location.

Why the name Monster?
monster on boat
Naming a business isn’t easy.  Our business adviser didn’t care for my first choice “Bloomington SEO” because:

  1. We do business all over the the United States and
  2. No one knows what SEO means

However, when there is a fluffy white Bichon Frise in your family whose name is Monster, naming the business “Monster” Digital Marketing – seemed a logical choice.  Like a Bichon, we are nice folks, but like the monster definition, we help our customers be : a force to be reckoned with – in their markets.   Using another definition of monster  :one that is highly successful  …and because of our fantastic customers, we are true to that definition.

Our Services – Your Advantage
Our services can help get your company onto the first page of Google and the other major search engines.   Monster Digital Marketing includes various techniques to greatly increase small business presence on the search engines for local search. Web Design - About Us