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When a customer does a search on the internet he or she is given a list of potential sites from which to choose. If your site is “down” the user chooses another site on the list leading to a significant amount of lost customers.

Secure Your Investment

We strongly advise the use of professional hosting services.  While there is no such thing as an iron-clad website; code updates, performance monitoring, firewalls and backups help to give your site the most protection possible.  Monster Digital Marketing  provides professional website hosting and maintenance packages that are comprehensive and affordable. Our hosting protects the investment that you have made in your website and the digital marketing efforts done on its behalf.

It’s About Performance

The faster the website loads the better the user experience increasing your visitor engagement.  Websites can be very vulnerable to attacks. At the very least, an unprotected site can get  attacked by hackers and get bogged down in malware causing it to run slowly.  This effects the sites rankings with the search engines as well.  A slow loading site might not  rank as high as a faster site.