Google Alerts

A Crucial Addition to Your Marketing & Sales Arsenal

Google Alerts is a complimentary service provided by Google.  It enables you to receive email notifications whenever specific phrases are mentioned across the web.  These mentions can span various mediums including news articles, blog posts, discussions, YouTube videos, and tweets.   You have the flexibility to manage the frequency of these notifications, choosing to receive them instantly, daily, or weekly.  We have found Google Alerts to be indispensable in both tracking pertinent information affecting our business and that of our clients.  Here’s how you can leverage Google Alerts effectively:

Monitoring Reputation and Customer Feedback: Stay informed whenever your business name or other key phrases are mentioned online, allowing you to promptly address any media, blog, or website mentions.  Keeping Tabs on Competition: Stay ahead by promptly receiving updates on your competitors’ activities such as price adjustments, promotions, product launches, or mergers.  Tracking Key Customers: Gain insights into your key customers’ activities and market responses by setting up alerts for them.  Engaging Key Prospects: Stay relevant and focused on the issues of your key client prospects or partners by setting up alerts for their company or personal names.  Following Industry Trends and Events: Stay informed about critical events, legislative changes, or government contracts relevant to your niche industry or technology.

Your Next Three Steps:

Identify Areas for Web Monitoring: Determine where immediate information tracking is crucial within your organization based on the aforementioned ideas.

Configure Google Alerts: Integrate this tool into your sales and marketing processes by setting up relevant alerts.

Regularly Adjust and Update: Fine-tune your alerts by using more specific details or exact phrases to avoid being inundated with irrelevant hits, especially if you’re dealing with common names.

Utilizing Google Alerts for business presents an ideal method to enhance service quality and subsequently bolster customer satisfaction.  This tool not only fulfills the curiosity of tracking your own name but also enables you to monitor top competitors, track mentions of your company, identify instances of plagiarism, and aid in refining your link-building strategy.

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