A Beginner’s Guide to Keyword Research

Unlock the SEO Secrets

Ever paid for a website redesigned that looks ok but hardly shows on Google at all?  Your website needs SEO.   But where to begin.  That’s where keyword research comes in. Think of it as your map and compass, guiding your website to the treasure trove of engaged customers.

Why Keywords Matter:

Imagine potential customers searching for the gems you offer but using different words. Keyword research helps you bridge that gap. You discover the exact terms they type, making your content the beacon that draws them in. This translates to:

  • Higher Visibility: Relevant keywords in your content boost your search engine ranking, ensuring your website isn’t lost at sea.
  • Targeted Traffic: No more casting a net and hoping for fish. The right keywords attract the ideal audience, saving you time and effort.
  • Deeper Audience Understanding: Keyword research reveals what your target audience cares about, letting you craft content that truly resonates.
  • Brand Authority: When your content consistently answers their questions, you become the trusted voice in your niche.
  • Competitive Edge: Uncover trending keywords before your rivals, giving you a head start in the SEO race.
  • Organic Traffic Boost: Forget expensive ads. Optimized content with the right keywords draws in valuable, long-term visitors.

Finding Your Treasure:

Ready to chart your course? Here are some free ways to do keyword research:

  • Spy on Competitors: See what keywords they’re ranking for and use them as inspiration (but don’t just copy!).
  • Search Engine Insights: Google, Bing, and others offer keyword suggestions based on real searches.
  • Free Keyword Tools: Ubersuggest and Answer the Public provide valuable keyword ideas and insights.


  • Long-tail keywords: Less competition, more qualified leads. Focus on specific phrases, not just generic terms.
  • Balance is key: Use your main keyword strategically without keyword stuffing.
  • Optimize everywhere: Titles, meta descriptions, headings, even image alt tags!

Pro Tips for Treasure-Worthy Content:

  • Naturally integrate keywords: Make it sound natural, not robotic.
  • Focus on value: Answer questions, solve problems, and provide information your audience craves.
  • Update regularly: Stay relevant by keeping your keywords and content fresh.

Still Confused? 

SEO can be tricky, but don’t panic! Our expert copywriters and SEO specialists can help you navigate the keyword ocean and discover hidden treasures of targeted customers. Contact us today for a free consultation and get ready for SEO success!

whiteboard with seo in the middle and arrows to appropriate seo terms - keywords being one of the terms