Website Support

Good question! An update is any modification, edit or creation of the content on your website. This is most frequently the text on your website pages, but it may also be the addition of or modification of images or graphics as well. Updates are limited to one hour 30 minutes per update. Please contact us for more information.

That depends. Our team can handle virtually any request you throw at them, but some require a certain level of skill or amount of time that could go beyond your standard maintenance plans. Generally, updates are reserved for relatively simple tasks, but we are more than happy to assist you with more complicated projects. Contact us and let us tell you how we can help.
Yes, it’s that simple and that’s the point. We have a high degree of accountability on our team and a strong customer service ethic. We want to make our website management system as simple as possible for both you and us. Emails are the best way to ensure we maintain high levels of service and efficiency.
Any questions you might have or for any updates beyond emergencies, serious technical issues we prefer you email us at That creates a digital trail that helps keep us accountable and, just as importantly, helps us all remember what you wanted. We get a lot of requests and we want to make sure yours gets handled appropriately.
Yes, of course. For clients wanting to add a new item like a page or post, we can schedule those as far in advance as requested. For other types of updates, we prefer at least 24-hour notice. Additionally, updates should be scheduled during normal business hours (9 – 4pm, m-th) & (9- 1pm, fri) Accommodations can be made for afterhours requests, but there may be an additional charge depending upon the request and the time of day.
We do not normally provide afterhours support. Updates are done during regular business hours, (9 – 4 pm, m-th) & (9 – 1pm, fri). However, we can accommodate after hours requests for emergencies. Items scheduled in advance, but they may incur an additional charge.
Update time is unmetered, however any single update requiring more than one hour may incur an additional charge. We NEVER bill you for anything unless you approve it first.
The vast majority of times, our customers know. In fact, most OVERESTIMATE the time it will take for completion. Feel free to contact us before sending the request and we will go over your options with you, but here are some examples of updates that could incur an additional charge:

  • Extensive modifications to multiple website pages
  • Manipulation of large numbers of images
  • Creation of graphics
  • Installation or development of new code or integrated technology

We will never bill you without discussing it with you first, so please contact us with questions.

For small updates to your website, we are happy to handle them for you at no additional charge. For anything more sizable, we can add a one-time charge to your account or upgrade you to a bigger plan. Contact us for more information.
Complex changes to code, modifications to software and graphic design services may go beyond what is considered a standard website maintenance update. We normally handle almost anything you request at no additional charge. You are welcome to contact us with any questions prior to sending your request.