Winslow Storage

Winslow Storage Bloomington, IN Winslow Storage is one of the most secure self-storage, located in Winslow Rd, Bloomington. At Monster, we always aim to provide the most engaging UI & professional designs. We’re also pleased to be chosen by most businesses in Bloomington to host and design their websites. Category: Rental Features: Fully Responsive Layout, Featured Slider, Online Payment System, Google Map integration, On-the-fly Contact form.

Crimson Rentals Inc.

Crimson Rentals Inc. Bloomington, IN Crimson Rentals offer exceptional, comfortable and secured rental homes in Bloomington, Indiana. Their properties are located within walking distance of Indiana University, community parks and shopping district. Monster have helped many businesses in Bloomington, IN over the years, and we’re proud to have been chosen to offer reliable and affordable web hosting, and full-service website maintenance to Crimson Rentals website. Category: Real Estate, Rental Features: Fully Responsive Layout, Property Listings, Photo Gallery, Google Map integration, Contact Forms.

Southside Rental

Southside Rental Bloomington, IN Southside Rental is a general equipment rental company. A website designed for indexing all the equipments available for rent in Southside’s inventory. Each equipment is properly organized, rates and prices are updated regularly, and search engine is fast and convenient. Unlike any other rental websites our mobile platform is also accessible and capable of taking your rental orders. Finding the right equipment for you in Southside Rental’s website is absolutely pain-free and effortless. Category: E-Commerce, Rental Features: Organized collection of equipments in categories, Product Showcase, Search Engine, Shopping Cart feature, Contact Form, Application Form, Quote Form, ...

Perfect Parties Tents & Events

Perfect Parties Tents & Events Bloomington, IN Perfect Parties Tents & Events is a sister entity of Southside Rental which is also an equipment rental company, they specialize in beautiful weddings, parties and events alike. The Perfect Parties’ website is somewhat similar with Southside, equipments in their catalog were meticulously organized to make it easy for a customer to search and pick the right equipment for their event. This website also sports its responsiveness on any platform (i.e., desktop, latpop, tablet and mobiles) so you can reserve or quote for the equipments you need anytime, anywhere! Category: Rental Features: Fully ...