Demystifying Pillar Pages

Your Content Hub’s Cornerstone

Imagine… A central library for a specific topic, housing all the key info in digestible chunks, with doorways to deeper explorations on every shelf. That’s the beauty of a pillar page!

It’s not a one-stop shop, but a curated guide. Imagine a blog post on SEO. A pillar page wouldn’t cram every detail in, but offer an overview, sprinkled with links to in-depth articles for each aspect. Even your homepage or product page can be part of this knowledge network.

Why are pillar pages content gold? They let you go deep in one place.  A pillar page anchors related content, letting visitors delve deeper without leaving your site.  Rank higher with SEO: search engines love interconnected content. Pillar pages act as hubs, guiding crawlers to your valuable info.

Building your library: The pillar page blueprint:

Pick your topic: Define it clearly and concisely. Think “journalism’s role in society” instead of just “journalism.” This clarity can even grab a coveted Google snippet!

  1. Keyword mastery: Research relevant keywords and sprinkle them naturally throughout your content – title, headlines, meta descriptions, and the body itself. Focus on quality, not just quantity.
  2. Link smart: Link to both valuable internal pages and credible external sources to showcase your expertise and add depth. Think statistics from trusted sources to bolster your points.
  3. Keep it clean: Ditch the fluff! Concise, relevant content keeps readers engaged and eager to explore your linked resources. Structure matters – proper titles and subheadings help readers navigate effortlessly.
  4. Build your site’s map: With internal links, your pillar page creates a clear hierarchy, helping search engines understand your site and choose the best page for specific searches.

Sharing your library bounty:

  • Guest post on relevant websites: Link back to your pillar page to drive traffic.
  • Craft shareable infographics: Visuals with links are magnets for clicks!
  • Partner with influencers: Let their reach amplify your message.
  • Generate backlinks: The more sites linking to you, the higher your authority in search engines.
  • Social media love: Promote your pillar page on your platforms.


Update regularly, fresh content keeps visitors engaged and shows your expertise.  Stay on top of trends: connect your pillar page to the latest relevant news, and share updates on social media.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint: building a high-ranking pillar page takes time and effort, but the rewards are worth it.

In conclusion, pillar pages are more than just pages… they’re content empires waiting to be built. Invest your time and creativity, and watch your traffic and online authority soar!


Image of front of building with 2 rows of limestone pillars