Scam Alert: Protect Your Domain

Scammers want your Domain Business or Worse – Your Domain

Domain hijacking letters, also known as domain hijacking notices or domain transfer confirmation emails, are messages that scammers or malicious actors send to domain owners in an attempt to deceive them into transferring their domain name to the attacker’s control. These letters are a form of phishing, where the attackers pretend to be a legitimate entity, such as a domain registrar or official domain authority, to trick the domain owner into giving up their domain credentials or access.

The fraudulent domain name invoice looks realistic and contains personal information such as business owners’ names, business names, email addresses, home or business addresses, and domain names. The invoice requests a payment of up to $289 for domain maintenance or listing maintenance, for 1 year (most domains are between $10-$25 per year)

Common characteristics of domain hijacking letters include:

  • Deceptive Sender Information: The email may appear to come from a well-known domain registrar*, official domain authority, or a legitimate-sounding organization related to domains.
  • Urgency and Threats: The email may claim that immediate action is necessary to prevent the domain from expiring, being suspended, or facing legal consequences.
  • False Claims: Attackers may falsely state that there are issues with the domain that require the owner’s attention, or they might offer fake incentives to encourage the owner to respond.
  • Suspicious Links: The email may contain links that lead to fake login pages or malware-infected websites, aiming to steal login credentials or install malicious software on the recipient’s device.
  • Spoofed Design: Scammers often mimic the visual design and layout of legitimate domain registrar emails to make their messages appear more convincing.
  • If you aren’t sure who your domain registrar is, go to the internet domain lookup tool –


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Actual letter received by customer.