Why Your Website MUST Have It

Local Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of building a website so that it can be seen.  Potential customers are out there searching for the products and services you provide in your area. Quite frankly, without SEO customers will find your competitors instead.

Local SEO Can Be a Game-Changer

The main goal of local SEO is to increase visibility and drive more traffic to your website.  To achieve this, your web designer or developer needs to ensure that your website is optimized for local search by including relevant keywords and location-based information, and a ton of coding on the back end to ensure that Google and other search engines can “read” your website.   Additionally, businesses should claim and verify their Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business listing), which appears in the Google Maps section of search results, and ensure that all their information is accurate, up-to-date, and consistent across all the platforms like Google, Bing, Yelp, etc.

Why Have a Website that isn’t Seen?

A good web development team will keep up with the latest and greatest Google wants and needs. (After all, it’s Google that ranks you) It will incorporate the right Local SEO is so that your site can rank better so that more people come to your website and give you business.

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